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Noiyse Project dvox magazine interview

Noiyse Project : Pushing Boundaries and Forging His Own Sound in the Electronic Music World

On this exclusive interview with Noiyse Project, an upcoming star in the electronic music world hailing from Sri Lanka. With his exceptional talent and dedication, Noiyse Project has already made a significant impact in the industry, having released music on renowned labels like Sudbeat, which is spearheaded by the legendary Hernan Cattaneo, among many others…

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Unveiling the Beats: An Exclusive Interview with Nicholas Van Orton, the Maestro behind Balkan Connection

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Nicholas Van Orton, renowned electronic music producer, DJ, and visionary owner of a prominent record label. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic music, Nicholas has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique sound and innovative productions. In this interview, we delve into his creative process, the evolution…

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EANP dvox magazine interview

From Buenos Aires to Global Heights: EANP’s Innovative Journey through Electronic Progressive House

From the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, emerges a musical powerhouse that's making waves in the world of electronic progressive house. Under the name "EANP", Nicolas Petracca and Ezequiel Anile are capturing the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide with their unique sound and boundary-pushing compositions. Their music reflects a meticulous attention to detail and…

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INTERVIEW: Breaking Boundaries with EMI GALVAN

Argentina has long been known for producing incredible talent in the music industry, and the progressive house scene is no exception. In recent years, we have seen a surge of talented artists emerging from the country, and Emi is no exception. With his unique sound and skillful production techniques, he has been captivating audiences and…

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