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Afrojack & Hardwell – Push It – Featuring Meryll
Afrojack and Hardwell team up on exciting new single “Push It” featuring Meryll Dutch electronic dance music icon AFROJACK, is known across the globe as DJ and producer. He colabrated with Pitbull on their six-times platinum “Give Me Everything”, scored solo-hits like “Take Over Control” and together with David Guetta picked up a Grammy for…
REVIEW: TheWarehouse Miami presents “Glitch”
TheWarehouse Miami presents "Glitch" by SA.L.AH and TheArchitech, featuring vocal collaboration by the talented Lama Sumlaji and a remix by renowned electronic music DJ and producer, Mushroom Cake. The songs that are recorded on this album show the particular way of understanding the sound of their authors, located at the opposite end of what is…
Techno artist ‘Behind Bars’ returns with new single on Suechtig
Berlin-based artist BEHIND BARS returns with a relentlessly heavy track. 'Whispers in the Dark' combines flawless techno with warehouse rave elements to form a driving steam hammer. The massive drums are in perfect symbiosis with the psychedelic whispering voices, combined with the adrenaline infused synths the track kicks you into a new level of consciousness.…
Vangelis: The Pioneer of Electronic Music and His Legacy
Vangelis is a composer, keyboardist, and music producer born in Greece in 1943. He is best known for his groundbreaking work in electronic music, which has made a lasting impact on the genre. Vangelis' unique style blends electronic and acoustic instruments, creating a sound that is both otherworldly and deeply emotional. Vangelis began his musical…
Radial Gaze presents Tetra Seeds
After “Refined”, their first release on Thisbe Recordings back in April 2021, Radial Gaze are back on the label with “Tetra Seeds”, their brand new EP. The two St-Petersburg-based brothers , Andrey – electronic musician and producer, mixing and mastering engineer – along with Stas – sound designer, guitarist, and theatre director – stay true to…

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