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Mila Lounge: A Culinary Oasis on South Beach’s Horizon
In the heart of South Beach, where the vibrant energy of Miami meets the allure of the Atlantic Ocean, a new culinary oasis has emerged. Mila Lounge, nestled in the midst of the iconic South Beach scene, is redefining the gastronomic landscape with its avant-garde approach to dining and entertainment. This sophisticated establishment is not…
Solstice Tribe Boat Party: An Unforgettable Fourth of July Experience
The Fourth of July is one of biggest holidays of the year, and for good reason, just think of its fireworks. Especially the Miami edition is breathtaking, with its fire & light shows over the surrounding water. No wonder people from all over the world visit. This year, Solstice Tribe combines the Fourth of July…
Now and Then: Dave Seaman & duo partner Steve Parry
Welcome to our exclusive interview with two legendary DJs in the music industry, Dave Seaman and Steve Parry. In this interview, we'll be discussing their careers and how the music industry has evolved over the years. The interview, titled "Now and Then," delves into their experiences, insights, and perspectives on how the music industry has…
Vangelis: The Pioneer of Electronic Music and His Legacy
Vangelis is a composer, keyboardist, and music producer born in Greece in 1943. He is best known for his groundbreaking work in electronic music, which has made a lasting impact on the genre. Vangelis' unique style blends electronic and acoustic instruments, creating a sound that is both otherworldly and deeply emotional. Vangelis began his musical…

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