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Featured Story: TheArchitech

Ut sementem feceris, ita metes.

TheArchitech is a rising star in the world of electronic music. A talented DJ and music producer, he has quickly become a sensation in the global music scene with his captivating performances and infectious beats.

What sets TheArchitech apart is his intriguing mystique. He is known for always performing with a mask, which has added to his enigmatic and mysterious persona. Despite his growing fame, nobody knows who TheArchitech really is, adding to the allure and intrigue of his music.

With a rapidly expanding fan base and features in numerous music magazines, TheArchitech has been making waves in the electronic music world. He has been invited to perform at some of the biggest music events and festivals, including Dreambeach, where he has captivated audiences with his energy and charisma.

In addition to his solo work, TheArchitech has also been collaborating with some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene. These collaborations have resulted in some of the most exciting and unique sounds in the industry, earning him even more fans and acclaim.

As producer, TheArchitech have the support of great artists in the industry such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren or Graziano Raffa, among others.

With his talent and mystique, TheArchitech is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and promising talents in the world of electronic music. Fans around the globe are eagerly anticipating his next move, eager to hear what kind of amazing sounds he will create next.

Behind the character is an artist with a background of more than 20 years in the music industry, eager to tell a very different story and seeking to give value to the most melodic and forceful part of the most underground sound.

You can enjoy a Live Act in two flavors, one more techno and forceful and the other more melodic and progressive, almost bordering on instrumental.

Once you start “consuming” TheArchitech’s spell you won’t want to stop feeling it in your intellect.

Featured Story

Today we are at the DVOX newsroom, on Biscayne BLVD (Miami) to interview this masked artist who has been causing a lot of talk around the world since he appeared on the electronic scene in 2020 with a hybrid sound between Progressive House and Melodic. House & Techno.

There has been a lot of speculation about who the person behind the silver mask is, but according to what TheWarehouse Miami tells us, they can only tell us that behind it there is an artist with more than 20 years of experience in this electronic world, and he prefers to leave everything behind. the prominence of music when playing or producing.

What inspired you to start a career in music and how did you get started in the DJ industry?

From a very young age I grew up surrounded by electronic devices and vinyl records. My father, as a good engineer, was a lover of good German electronics and jazz and there was always a good rhythm at home.

The DJ theme came much later, after going through some rock, punk and metal bands.

What is your process for creating and selecting the tracks you play in your sets?

As for the sets, I like to play little-known music or very underground producers, and above all use a good Setup full of machines that accompany the cdjs. In my facet as a performer, doing live acting, my Setup is much broader and more fun.

How has your style and approach to DJing changed over the years and how do you stay current with the latest music trends?

Over the years my musical tastes have expanded and thanks to this my curiosity to experiment with more genres awoke, discovering my desire to collaborate with artists of all styles. Regarding trends, the truth is that I am not very interested in what is happening in the world electronic market, I know that my sound is not trend, but it is what I aim for and I am very clear about what I want to convey.

What do you consider to be the biggest challenges facing DJs today, and how do you overcome them?

To this day, and after more than 20 years in this scene, everything has become crazy. You have to be a DJ, Producer, photographer, graphic designer, and post enough interesting photos on social networks to get a few likes.
And all this is nothing compared to fighting day by day against frustration, which is an artist’s worst enemy.

Overcoming it is difficult, but it is achieved by teaming up with a lot of interesting people in our scene, who help to row and achieve goals in a slightly easier and more enjoyable way.

Can you tell us about some of your most memorable performance experiences?

One of my best nights was at DREAMBEACH, in Spain, where I was lucky enough to blow up the dance floor with a live act of progressive house and melodic house and techno that brought more than half of the festival attendees to this stage.

An epic night that will be difficult for me to forget, because I was premiering my EP GLITCH in which one of my best friends and travel companions, SA.L.AH from Dubai, with vocals by Lama Sumlaji and a remix of Mushroom Cake that made the beach of Almería tremble.

How do you interact with the crowd and keep them engaged during your sets?

For me the most important thing is the feedback from the public, I like to be very aware of how they dance, if they smile or if they are very focused on my performance. My Live Act format is not the most suitable for shaping the state of the attendees, in a live everything has to be well measured and you can’t put a bomb track to revive them like in a dj set, but it helps to bring synths with which to improvise and refine the shot a little more by adapting it to the situation and generating a magical moment.

What role do you see technology playing in the DJ industry, both now and in the future?

Technology is everything. We have a history with analog, with vinyl, but today I can’t conceive of going back and not using all the tools we have at our disposal. I also tell you, no matter how much technology you apply, the humanity that a person brings is necessary.

What advice do you have for aspiring DJs who are just starting out?

Listen to everyone who wants to provide constructive criticism of your music, but when making decisions, don’t let others decide for you. It is not good for everyone to like you, nor to go to bed at night without having one more detractor. If you manage to overcome frustration, you will get what you want with work.

This job is fully vocational, and you must take advantage of every minute you have the opportunity to enjoy the journey.

Can you talk about your collaboration with other artists an…

For me, my great companion is my Argentinian brother DABARNO, with whom I have been producing remotely over 6,000 miles away for 2 years. It has been an important part of my effort to connect with the younger generations, it helps me discover many things that with experience and age are taken for granted and we stop caring. The creative process is very fun and the complicity we have gained helps us to connect much more with the common goal we have when creating.

I’m doing a greatest introspection work with my friend SA.L.AH with whom I have several projects in the works loaded with sounds from the Middle East and that help me connect with other cultures.

And of course I would like to include great professionals with I share a studio such as Juan Vasquez, NAPP, Rwbel, Audiotox, Mike Grey, Ramiro Alvarez, among others.

This job is fully vocational, and you must take advantage of every minute you have the opportunity to enjoy the journey.


Stay tuned to the new releases that come from the hand of our masked friend, TheArchitech


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